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When folk singer Cale Michael decided to record his next album he had something new in mind.  After years of heavily touring as a solo act he wanted to present some of his work as a full ensemble but who better to enlist, than everyone he met along the way. The project founded by Cale Michael and drummer Toby Brown in the fall of 2019 adds elements of blues and psychedlia to Michael's already folk rock sound. 

A collective of musicians came together to display each song with full sonic potential, that similar to Steely Dan or other strong studio bands of the early 70's.  Loud vintage guitar tones, mixed with soft folk, with vocals  sitting somewhere in the sonic and emotional space between Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits.


The Lost Lonely Souls Are: 

Cale Michael (Risky Endeavor, Spit of the Sin, The Holly Clark Band)

Toby Brown (Spit of the Sin, Them Velvet Tongues) 

Deyson Thiara (NIKU, The Oceania Tenor)

Matt Kelly (City and Colour, The Wild North)

Emre Chords

Jesse Peters (The Holly Clark Band) 

Al Pujo (Lucid 0.44, Burning Daisy),

James Crane (Different Rich),

Justin Parsons (Innercity Elegance, Jenny),

Kyle Gritchen (Bad Animal, Through Tragedy)

 Max Mann (Terrible People, Clownshoes).

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait is self produced by Cale Michael and mixed by Jonathan Scanlon at Cosmic Creatures Studios in Calgary AB, Canada.

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